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At King Offa Primary Academy, we place a huge importance on your child's attendance at school. It is vital that children attend school regularly and on time and that this is best achieved when the school, parents and pupils work together. 


Why is good attendance important?


We know that your child's attendance at school is important for so many reasons. Any absence affect's a child's learning and serious or persistent absence from school will impact on the progress a child makes, academically and socially. As a school, we have a responsibility to ensure that pupils' needs are met daily. In addition, persistent absence and lateness may lead to further issues - statistics have shown that pupils who do not attend school regularly are more likely to find themselves in unsafe, vulnerable or illegal situations. 


What is the attendance target for my child?


Our attendance target for all pupils is set at 96%. We know the importance of your child being at school every day, but we also understand that illness and sickness can't be avoided and that attending every day isn't always possible. We encourage parents to promote good attendance and let the school know if their child is absent for any reason. 


We have a school Attendance Officer, this is Miss Chantelle Coen. Miss Coen’s role in school is to promote good attendance for all pupils and to monitor attendance, should this fall below an acceptable level. We acknowledge and recognise good attendance at school. We make sure that we talk about good attendance at school in assemblies, through certificates and class challenges, and in our newsletters and bulletins. If we are concerned about your child's attendance, we may need to meet with you or talk to you about any issues that are affecting your child's attendance at school. We will always try to offer support and to work with families where attendance is a concern. 


What happens if my child is late to school?


The school gates open at 8:30am and the school day starts at 8:45am. All pupils are expected to be in school at this time and being late is not acceptable. Missing the start of the school day can be unsettling for the child and disruptive for the class.

Pupils arriving after 8.45am will receive a ‘Late’ (L) mark. The register will be kept open until 9.10am. Pupils arriving after 9.10am will receive a ‘Late After Register Closes’ mark (U).


Our school day finishes at 3:05pm for EYFS pupils and 3:10pm for years 1-6. Parents and Carers are expected to collect their child promptly at the end of the day. Please be aware that we may have to place your child into a club after school if they are not collected on time and there may be a charge for this. 






Our Attendance Policy explains how this can be achieved by the school and parents/carers and pupils working together. It also clarifies areas of responsibility.