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Our day

Our day at nursery

During our day, we will either provide a wide range of carefully selected and structured play activities or encourage the children to choose what activities they would like to do. We follow the national ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’.

We offer an exciting curriculum that develops and builds upon children’s prior knowledge and skills. A curriculum that has the child as the focus and places great importance on early experiences.


The overall aim of the EYFS is to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes. We will achieve this by setting the standards, providing equality, developing partnerships with parents and other professionals, improving quality and consistency and laying a foundation for future learning.

During activity time there will be indoor and outdoor activities and free-flow between these activities will be encouraged.

The Nursery areas are spacious with impressive views over the Downs, featuring dedicated toilets, a sensory room, nappy changing facilities, and private garden access.

The children register in either the 2-3 years room called ‘Sandcastles’ or the pre-school room called ‘Beach Huts’ although opportunities to free flow between the rooms occur through the dedicated doorways between. It is of the upmost importance that children in our nursery feel empowered in the space around them in order to learn and develop new skills. All of the areas provide ample space for all types of play including large movements, quieter times, mealtimes, role play and building their very own creations with an abundance of resources.

The nursery layout is carefully decided by the nursery team to cater to all of the children’s needs and interests in any particular co-hort.

Pre-school children are able to enjoy free flow periods of time with reception children in the shared Early Years Provision garden.

All staff are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as part of the recruitment process.