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History and Geography

At King Offa Primary Academy, children learn about History and Geography through our AAT curriculum.


Our AAT curriculum is something that is unique to schools within the Aurora Academies Trust (AAT). There are three units a year, broken up into a Historical focus for a half term and then a Geographical focus for the next half term. These units of work build upon each other to give children a strong understanding of how ideas and discoveries have been formed. Each unit is based around a 'Concept Question' which hooks the children into the learning and then enables them to develop the relevant knowledge and understanding of disciplinary skills, helping to answer this question.




There is a strong moral and ethical focus within the AAT curriculum which teaches children to be inquisitive, open minded and aware of the impact of great cultures throughout history. In addition to this, because the AAT curriculum is designed to 'take pupils on a journey around the globe', there are ample opportunities for pupils to develop their geographical understanding.




Our curriculum is 'concept driven' and has been designed to be progressive and sequential. Children will continually develop and build upon their disciplinary skills and substantive knowledge, as they make their way through the school. We aim for all children to develop an understanding of key concepts.


Within History, they learn about the concepts of 'Leadership', 'Cause and Consequence', 'Similarities and Differences', 'Civilisations' and 'Connections'.


In Geography, the concepts focused on in Geography are 'Place' (environment), 'Space' (location) and 'Scale' (distance).