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At King Offa, we follow the Maths Mastery approaching to the teaching of mathematics. 

Children are taught Maths every day. We want pupils to develop a love for mathematics and that playing with numbers can be fun. In Years 1-6 teachers use the White Rose resources , for the teaching of mathematics; teachers will introduce the learning concept and children will be encouraged and supported to choose learning activities which best meet their needs and help them to master new mathematical concepts. Pupils will go through a learning sequence, where they develop their fluency and this leads them to a 'deep understanding' of the concepts they are learning. We believe in developing pupils' enthusiasm and engagement for the subject, so that they have a real love of all things Maths!


During their time at King Offa Primary Academy, all pupils have a broad and balanced experience of mathematics so that, in addition to learning how to add up, take away, times and divide, pupils are proficient and develop secure knowledge and understanding of all of the six strands of mathematics. These are; place value, fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio and proportion; algebra; measurement; geometry (properties of shapes / position, direction, motion) and statistics. Once their knowledge of the mathematical concepts is secure, pupils will be taught to investigate and solve mathematical problems and puzzles.

The school has a systematic approach to the teaching of the four mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The school’s ‘Calculation Policy’ ensures that the complexities between each of the four operations are taught in a logical sequence. For example, pupils in Year 2 are taught how to add using a partitioning model and there is systematic progression so that by the time pupils reach Year 5, they are able to add numbers with decimals, using a compact method.


The teaching of Maths is carefully planned so that children’s knowledge is built upon over time. The six strands of mathematics are revisited each year, throughout a child’s journey through King Offa. Our curriculum is bespoke to our school and teachers will draw upon a range of resources to help them plan effective lessons. The value of concrete resources to support the learning of mathematical concepts is never underestimated, so that mathematical ideas do not become too abstract too early. For example, in the Early Years, pupils may use coloured bears to support them with their counting whilst pupils in Year 2 use ‘Cuisenaire’ rods and bars to support their understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction. Our teachers are trained and skillful at teaching mathematics.