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AAT Curriculum

King Offa Primary Academy follows the bespoke Aurora Academies Trust (AAT) Curriculum for the Foundation Subjects, which has been designed to engage our pupils and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills for their next chapter at school. The AAT Curriculum has been designed in line with the English National Curriculum (which was implemented in September 2014) to ensure that it meets the statutory requirements set out by the government. 


We use an enquiry-based curriculum that motivates and inspires our children. Each topic hinges on a key question linked to the history or geography theme the children are studying. You can find these on the whole school overview below. At King Offa Primary Academy, we believe in four values that underpin everything that we do. These values belong to every pupil, parent and member of staff and to any visitor that joins us. We explore these values through our learning each day and in the interactions that we have with each other.


A curriculum overview of each subject can be found on each individual subject page.  Please click to find out more.


To request more information on our curriculum please email

We hope that you find the information below useful. If you have any questions about our curriculum please speak to your child’s teacher or contact the School Office.



Provision Review

As an academy, we have freedom to design and implement a curriculum that we feel is best suited to the children at our school. The teaching of English and Maths is our highest priority so that children leave King Offa with the skills they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond. We know, however, that children learn best when what they are learning about is fun, engaging and hands-on. That is why we make links between the subjects we teach whenever possible. For example, if children are learning about Ancient Egypt our curriculum planning makes sure that in English lessons children use what they have found out to write about Egypt across a range of different genres. Similarly, links are made between Science lessons and Maths so that if children have carried out an experiment and recorded the results they may use these in a Maths lesson when learning about handling data.


We are proud that the curriculum we deliver at King Offa is broad, balanced and ambitious for all pupils. However, it’s always carefully reviewed so that it continues to develop so that it helps our pupils be well prepared for their transition to secondary school and life beyond.